Verifying run changes

When you execute a payroll run, you will see several notifications on your screen, including any errors and changes. After the execution of a payroll run, you will also see the presence of notifications back in the workflow.

After you have executed the payroll run, you can always get to the notifications via the 'Run Check ' dashlet.

Payroll run


You will see the notifications when you execute a payroll run.

Run Check


When you start executing the run and want to see the notifications, make sure to do a run check.

Run checker: Fix errors

When executing a run the last step is the run checker which will show a button "Fix Errors".


When the run checker contains errors and/or warnings and this button is pressed, this will insert a new task in the hamburger menu on the right for every error/warning.
In this way you can navigate from the task directly to the employee to fix the error/warning directly.


You can click on the notification to stop it from showing. If you do not want to see the valid notifications, click on 'Valid'. These notifications are then not shown in the list, but you can always retrieve them.

Click on 'Run!' to execute the run.



When you have executed the run, the colour of the workflow changes when the Payroll Output control action is active. The colour of the workflow is identical to the colour of the notification in the previous image. When the payroll run contains an error, the workflow turns red. When the payroll run contains an warning, the workflow turns yellow and dark blue in the case of a change. When there are no notifications, the workflow turns green.

Should you not have the Payroll Output check in your workflow, the action turns green imediately.

When the payroll run has been processed, click on 'Payroll Output Check'.


Payroll Output Check


Click on 'Checked' when you have checked the notifications. The Payroll Run action will now turn green in the workflow.

Run Check


In the 'Run Check' dashlet you can check the notifications again afterwards.

For more information about this dashlet and how to resolve the notifications see: Dashlet Notifications Run check. Dashlet Notifications Run check.


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