Processing a pre-run

You can create a run that is only for the employees you select. This allows you to pay the permanent employees first, for example, and then the hourly employees.

Creating a pre-run doesn't close the active period. You can continue to create pre-runs until you execute a normal run, which closes the period.


1. Execute a pre-run for the permanent employees. You can close this run, which will make the payslip visible to the employee login.

2. Execute a normal run for all employees, including hourly workers and overtime hours for the permanent employees.

Note: Retro actives are not included in a pre-run. To make a retro active change, execute a separate run using the "run retro actives only" option.

Please note: See points to remember below:

1. With the last run (or pre-run) executed in a period, all employees and the company are transferred to the next period. It's not possible to leave employees in a previous period.

So in the case above, you are executing one pre-run and one normal run - not two pre-runs and then another run to finish it off.
For the last run, leave everyone ticked.

2. If you execute a pre-run in the first period of the year (and there is a previous year), the previous year will appear in the salary documents.

3. If you execute a pre-run for particular employees, they will already be on the interactive payslip after the pre-run in the 'next' period.

4. Suppose you execute a pre-run for the permanent employees, for example, and then make changes for these employees before the 'last' run is executed. In this case, when the payslips of the 'last' run are made visible, a notification will be sent to the permanent employees even if a notification was sent when the pre-run was made visible.


Payroll run


Go to the Start or Payroll processing tab at company level and click on more after payroll run.



Click Run to process the payroll run. Check the data, modify the description if necessary and click continue.

Select employees


Tick or untick the required employee. You can also use the filter here if you want to run only employees with a schedule or without a schedule.
(So for the 'last' run you don't tick or untick anyone.)

Click continue and execute the run. The selected employees are now processed.




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