Deleting retro active changes

On company level, you can delete retroactive corrections in the 'Retroactive correction changes' dashlet.

This dashlet can be found on company level under 'Overviews'.
If this dashlet is not active, you can read the following article: How do I make dashlets visible

When you want to delete entries retroactively, you can delete the retroactive corrections. No retroactive run will then be executed for these corrections.

Please note: You can only delete retroactive corrections for employees. Retroactive corrections which are made on company level cannot be deleted.


1. Open the padlock to go to unsecured mode. Otherwise, you will not be able to delete retroactive corrections.

2. Then delete the corrections by clicking on the grey cross. The grey marks cannot be removed, these are retroactive corrections on company level.

3. When you click on 'Delete all corrections', all corrections in front of the grey crosses are deleted.


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