Accountant website

This article will provide a step-by-step explanation by video and in text on how to create an Accountant Website. An accountant (account owner) has the possibility to create his own website.

1. Creating and configuring the website


Choose a header which is immediately visible when companies click on the link to your page; the header is a mandatory field.

During the entire process of creating the page, you can click on 'Preview' at the bottom left to preview the page.


Advantages & Functionalities

Check the 'Active' tick when you want to display this page with Advantages & Functionalities on your accountant website. Select three advantages and six functionalities. You cannot leave advantages or functionalities empty. Again, you can click on 'Preview' to preview the page.



If required, tariffs can be activated by enabling the tick under 'Activate'. Thereafter the own tariffs can be determined.

Under 'Icon 1', 'Icon 2' and 'Icon 3', an icon can be selected which becomes visible next to the description of the relevant tariff. When the page is 'Active' all fields have to be completed.



Here you can opt to let your existing clients write something. Click on 'activate' to make this option visible on your website. Thereafter, a photo, name and company/function must be selected. Ensure that all fields have been completed.


Contact details

You can enter the contact details of your office here. Make sure that each field contains data, even if you do not have data for this. The image below shows that the identical telephone number is used in the different fields:



Please note: if not all the fields on the active pages are completed, transmission of the website is not possible.

By clicking on 'Website Url:...' you can preview the page. When all steps have been gone through correctly, click on 'Save Website', this will be followed by an automatic request to make the page visible on the Nmbrs Accountant shop website.This request is received by the sales department, which will determine whether the created page becomes visible. You will be advised accordingly.



2. Requests

Under the 'Requests' tab, you will find the requests of companies that have requested a quotation on your website.



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