Mutationforms in the app

Of the change forms, it is only possible to view and / or submit declarations and change addresses via the app if the employee template allows this. It is not possible to improve submitted declarations via the app, use your employee login on the computer for this.

  • Declarations
  • Change address
  • Change Bank Account

Declarations in the Mobile app

Click the menu at the top right, then click Declarations.

You have an overview of the submitted declarations and the status. Click on New declaration or on a plus to create a declaration

In this drop-down you can indicate what type of declaration you want to submit. This can be a declaration of expenses, or kilometers that must be reimbursed. The choices you can make here depend on the salary model that is set for the employee declaration forms.

Starting date:
The day on which the costs are incurred can be entered here.

Here you can enter the amount (or the number of kilometers).

The employee can enter a description to clarify the declaration.

Add attachment:
You can choose a file from the photo library or take a photo right away.

To submit a declaration, press send or at the top right of the icon.


Change address in Mobile App

Under the tab "Mutation forms", the employee can select the option "Change Address" after choosing "New Mutation Form". He has the choice to provide a new address or to change the existing address.

After entering the postcode and house number, the employee has the option to click on "search address". With this, the App automatically downloads the other data. If all the details have been entered correctly, according to the employee, the employee clicks on "Send", then a pop-up will appear with a message stating whether the form has been completed correctly (Success).

Change bank account in Mobile App

Under the tab "Mutation Forms", the employee can select the option "Change Bank Account" after choosing "New Mutation Form". The bank account number can only be changed if a bank account number has already been entered.



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