Changing the General ledger account scheme for a company


Old journal entry


We assume that the old general ledger scheme is still active. The journal entries with the general ledger numbers are found on company level, at the 'Payroll Run' tab under the dashlet 'Salary documents' (1).

Example of the old journal entry


The old journal entry looks as follows. The old ledger scheme is assumed here.

Changing the scheme in the correct period


To change the ledger scheme, go to the ledger scheme at company level. You will find this under 'settings -> payroll settings-> ledger account scheme'.

Here you can change the general ledger account scheme.

Please note: when you change this scheme, it must be changed in the top right period. When you want to change the ledger scheme for the entire year, click on the period and open the lock icon. You can then change the scheme in a previous period.


Change the period


Select the period from when you want to change the settings, this is usually the start of the year, i.e. period 1. Then click on 'Change'.

When the period is already correct, you do not have to take any steps and you can change the schedule with the padlock closed.


Click on the correct ledger scheme to add it to the company and then click on 'Save'.

Creating new journal entries  

At the company settings at company level you can select the button 'Delete content journal entries'. This button will delete the old journal entries and automatically create new journal entries with the changes in the general ledger account scheme.





Click on the journal entries

When you go back to the payroll documents you will see the new journal entries:


Click on 'Company Journal Entries' to see what the changed journal entry looks like.

The journal entries


You will then see the new journal entry here.

Please note:

    1. Selecting 'General ledger account scheme' in the 'General ledger account scheme' dashlet

You can link another ledger scheme to the company per period. Therefore, ensure that the schedule in which you make changes is also selected for the company in a previous period, if any. You can, of course, change the general ledger scheme retrospectively. To do this, you have to reset the period, but you do not have to process a retroactive correction. You only have to recalculate the payroll documents. For more information on recalculating the salary documents, please see the bottom of this page.

    2. Changing journal entries


After you have changed the settings, you have to recalculate the payroll documents by clicking on the 'Delete content journal entries' button and selecting the relevant year. The journal entries of that year will be deleted and will automatically be replaced with the changes you have made. You do not have to run a retroactive correction for changes in the general ledger account schemes.

You can also test the changes of which you are not entirely sure in Sandbox.More information about Sandbox can be found via this link.


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