Payslip wage code description

The description of a wage component can be changed, this description will then be shown on the payslip.

The description of an hour code can also be changed, but an hour code is never reflected on the payslip. An hour code has output on a wage component, in this case you will also have to change the corresponding wage component.


Below please find an example of an hour code and the corresponding wage component. If you only need to change the description of a wage component, you can skip the first part.

Changing the hour code description

Go to the hour model where you want to change the hour code, then click on the relevant hour code and you will see the screen below.




  1. In this example, we will change the description of hour code '3550| Holiday payment.
  2. Click on the hours code and on "change description".
  3. You can change the description in the pop-up screen, in this example we change this to 'holiday payment hours'.


After you have saved the description, it will look as follows:




  1. The description of the hour code has been changed to 'holiday payment hours'.
  2. The description of the corresponding wage component has not changed, this is still "Semesterersättning" (Holiday payment), The payslip will still reflect the old description in this case. Below you will find further information on how to change this description.


Changing the wage component description

Go to the wage model of which you wish to change the wage component, then click on the wage component concerned. You will then see the screen as shown below:

You may possibly still have to add the wage component to the wage model.




  1. Select the wage model you want to use
  2. Select the wage component of which you wish to change the description.
  3. Click on 'Modify wage code description'.
  4. Change the description. In the example we will change this to 'holiday payment' and press "save"


Entering hours and display on payslip

When you now enter (additional) hours for an employee, the new description will be displayed:



 1. Go to employee level

 2. Click on the + in the "Extra Hours/Days model"

 3. Select the hour type and hours


The description will also be changed on the payslip:

Please note: The description on the payslip cannot be changed retrospectively. This change will only appear on the next payslip (salary documents).







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