Fast input

You can use the fast input dashlet to change variable payroll components and hours. This option is similar to the import of variable wage components via our import sheet. The difference is that with the fast input you can save time. You also have the option of creating multiple types of fast input (templates). This is useful, for example, when you want to divide between on-call staff and permanent employees in entering your changes. Fast input templates can be created only at the company level.

The video below shows how to work with the fast input. In the remainder of the article the steps are also explained:


Fast input dashlet

Below you can see 4 moving images that briefly shows how to use the filters. Open this GIF in a new browser tab (Right click----> Open image in a new tab) to view this clip in a larger size:

  1. At company level, go to Settings => Fast input.

The various options in the Fast input dashlet

  1. Click on "New fast input.
  2. Enter a name for the fast input.
  3. Click the wage codes and the hour codes you would like to include.


     1. Click Employee filter

     2. Fill in the department and service 

     3. Press Save

These options are explained below.

Entering fast input


The final step allowes you to fill in the fast input with the specific Values. 

1. Click on the tablet you just created

2. Add the values for each employee

3. Click "Save and close"

The components will immediately be saved and visible on the interactive payslip of all relevant employees. 

If you have clicked save and still want to delete an entry, this must be done manually at the employee level. The fast input is intended only for entering variable wage components. If the payroll run has been executed, the template will no longer be filled with entries. It will be empty.

Please note! If a comma is entered as a character, it will not be displayed. Only full stops are supported as characters.

Filter within fast input

If you hover over the "Number" or "Name" column, you'll see an arrow for sorting the column. This allows alphabetical or numerical sorting:



The columns can also be dragged to create your own order. Unfortunately this order won't be saved; after closing and reopening, the columns will once again be ordered from lowest to highest.


Modifying fast input


If you want to modify an existing fast input, here you can tick the components you want to view and fill in for the existing fast input. These could be both hour components and wage components.

You can find this overview via payroll processing -> Fast input. If you click on the cogs, you'll see this pop-up.

New fast input: wage and hour components

  1. Enter a name for the fast input.
  2. Tick "Enter days" if you want to include the days in the fast input.
  3. Select the hour and wage components that you want to use for the fast input.
  4. Click "Employee Filter" if you want to add an employee filter.

New fast input: Employee Filter

  1. Here you can add a filter for the employees to whom this fast input applies. You can filter by the employee's department, cost centre, manager, contract type, function, service (active or ended) and schedule/no schedule.
  2. When it's all correct, click Save.


Fast input: viewing entries again

To be able to see the fast input entries from earlier periods, you first need to reset the period (1) and then click on the Fast input. There you can set up a filter (2) so you can also see the employees who ended service (3) in those periods.





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