Company period

When the user creates a company the company period is chosen. The company periods indicated the payment cycle of a company. After company period is created it can't be changed. 

Company Period type

To get company period type use operation Company_GetCurrentPeriod from CompanyService or Employee_GetCurrent from EmployeeService.

To get the CompanyId for method Company_GetCurrentPeriod see How to get CompanyId?

To get EmployeeId for method Employee_GetCurrent see How to get EmployeeId?

If the request is success you will get a period in the format = yyyy-pp-type where:

  • M - month company. Total of 12 periods.
  • W4 - 4 week company. Total of 13 periods.
  • W1 - 1 week company. Total of 52 periods. In year 2026 there are 53 periods. 


Current period of the compay

Most information in Nmbrs is period based. With methods above you can also get the current period of the company. To know the current period of the company is important when you want to get information from or to send information to Nmbrs. 

When you know the current period of the company you know that all information that you will send in current period will be processed in payroll. 


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