Debtor management

This category describes debtor management in Visma Nmbrs. The following topics will be discussed:

Visma Nmbrs has developed several additional functionalities for Debtor or Company management:


Debtor or Company management

Comments can be added to debtors, companies and employees. These can be used for internal communication, for example. In addition, debtors and companies can be hidden, and debtors and companies can also be removed, of course.

Payroll settings (accountants only) 

You can make modifications to the master Branches, master Hour models, master wage models and the General ledger scheme using the Settings tab.
Changes made here take effect throughout the entire system: therefore, they apply to all clients. For example, an hour code changed here is changed for all debtors.

At the debtor level, using the Explorer tab, changes are only implemented for this client. An hour code changed here does NOT change for the other debtors.


Granting clients access to the system (only for accountants)

Visma Nmbrs offers three different scenarios which you as an accountant can offer your client.
The scenario determines which activities are carried out by you or by your client. Selecting a scenario is not binding and can be altered. The basic scenarios, at customer level, can also be adapted for the particular situation. For more information, see:


Tags (accountants only) 

Using tags, a filter can be added to a debtor. The benefit of this is that different overviews can be filtered using this tag, e.g. the Workflow. It is also possible to add a tag to an accountant log-in, so that this log-in can only view debtors with the matching tag.


Invoicing module (Accountants only) 

Client invoices are set up using the billing module. It is possible to create multiple service levels associated with products with a specific price. A service level can then be assigned to the debtors. After a run has been made for a company with a service level, all displayed products are counted. You can see in the billing overview how many products the client has purchased and at what price. The total price for this company is also displayed here.


Accountant Website (accountants only) 

An account owner has the option of creating their own website. The Visma Nmbrs Accountant Shop will then show a link to this page.


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