Guidelines on writing a feature request

Great that you want to share your feedback on our feature request page, we highly appreciate it! We've set-up some guidelines to make sure we understand your posted feature request as clearly as possible. You can find more information on what the assigned statuses mean at the end of this article. 

Search first

Before you post a new feature request, please check if someone else has already posted it. If you’ve found that your request is already posted, then you can vote on it as well add comments if you feel it needs extra information.

Want to report a bug? Then please create a ticket

If you want to report a bug that you’ve found, then please reach out to our support team and create a ticket for them.

Please write in English

Would you be so kind as to add them in English so that our Portuguese and Dutch Product Owners can respond when needed?

Content of your feature request post

The most helpful feature requests are the ones that describe a problem. As our Product Owners are problem solvers, a detailed description of your problem helps them to clearly understand the context of the issue.

Please share one problem per post and try to answer the following questions when you post a feature request:
What is the problem?
Why is it a problem?
How big is the impact of this problem (Business impact or on your daily tasks)
How do you solve this problem today?
How would you ideally solve this problem?

We do not share timelines

Because we work with Agile methodologies we are not able to share guaranteed timelines as that can change without notice. It might occur that we are able to share a rough expectation of when we expect to deliver a certain solution, however, this is never set in stone.

Assigned statuses

One of the following statuses can be assigned to a posted feature request which has 20 or more votes:

Answered: This feature request has been answered with a final answer.
Completed: This feature request has been realised.
Not planned: This feature request is seen as something we want to realise, but we won't realise this in the near future.
Planned: We want to realise this feature request and it probably will be released in the near future.
Featured: This feature request is a post which is one of the "can’t miss" posts.

The topic ‘Under Consideration’ shows feature requests which are in consideration and for which we are trying to find a possible solution. The Product Owners will validate their ideas with the users who voted for that specific feature request.

Once again, we really appreciate your input so please keep on sharing your feedback.




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