How does support work at Visma Nmbrs?

This page explains how Visma Nmbrs support works.

It covers the following topics:


Support communication

By calling or sending in a question via our Ticket Form, you will reach our first line support. These agents are native and they will help you in native language in case your question can be solved based on the content which can also be found on the Knowledge Base. In case your request is more complex, it will be escalated to our second line support. These supporters are specialized in the module which your question concerns. Further communication regarding your question will then be in English.

Knowledgebase layout

When you go to the Visma Nmbrs knowledge base, the top area will display the options shown in the picture below. If you click on this, you'll find more information about Visma Nmbrs or you can go to the knowledge base, known issues and Visma Nmbrs updates.

A description is shown below according to the following options:


Getting Started with Visma Nmbrs
This section contains a lot of important and useful information, especially for new clients. The following topics are discussed here:

- Introduction
- Free trial information
- Getting started
- Frequently Asked Questions for recently started customers

This option brings up knowledge base articles sorted by category. The knowledgebase contains the following categories:

Known issues

If you experience a problem, first look at 'Known issues' to see whether we're already aware of the issue. This will save you the trouble of submitting a ticket. 

We list a problem under 'Known issues' if it affects everyone or a group of users.

Visma Nmbrs Status
Clicking on this page will show you the technical Visma Nmbrs system status.

Searching the Knowledgebase

The knowledge base can be accessed in various ways: directly from your Visma Nmbrs environment by clicking your email address in the top right corner and then 'Help' or via


If you want to search the knowledge base for a particular article, you can use the search bar. Here you can enter a term related to your question.

You'll achieve the best search results with terms that are also used in Visma Nmbrs.
If you have a question about a setting/option in the Visma Nmbrs package, you'll be able to find it under the term used by Visma Nmbrs in the package.


When you search from the 'Help' section, the pop-up with the knowledge base has no button for returning to the pop-up. In this case you can go back by pressing backspace on your keyboard. The Nmbrs logo at the top of the screen will bring you back to the homepage.

Submit a request

If you cannot find what you need in the knowledge base articles, Visma Nmbrs offers the option of contacting the support department.

There are several ways of doing this.

1. Phone:
You can contact Visma Nmbrs by phone on business days between 9:00 and 12.00 and from 13.00  17:00 on +46 0852500490.

Please note that if you ask a question, it's important to provide as much information as you can so we'll be able to help you as fully and quickly as possible.
Keep the following in mind:
- Which company does this relate to?
- Which employee?
- Which period or run?
- Include a screenshot of any error message.

2. Ticket form:
Click on "Submit your request"; on the next page it is possible to ask your question. A screen will appear in which you can ask your question.


Responding to tickets / Viewing open tickets

If you've submitted a support request by sending in a ticket form, you'll automatically receive a delivery confirmation.

Note: Only users who log in to Visma Nmbrs can follow the status of the request by clicking the link in the email. Users who don't appear in Visma Nmbrs will see an Oops page if they click on the link in the email.



You can find your requests in the knowledge base by clicking on your name in the top right.
You can then select 'My Activities':

Here you can find all submitted requests.


From left to right you'll see:
- The ticket number of the question. We may ask you for this if you phone us regarding the ticket.
- The subject of the ticket.
- When the ticket was created.
- When the most recent activity for this ticket occurred.
- the status.

The status could be:
- Open: The ticket has been received by support.
- Awaiting Your Response: Support has replied to your ticket, and we are waiting for an answer from you.
- Solved: The question has been answered.

If you click on the subject of your question you can view the email conversation.

When support responds to your question, you will always receive an e-mail and you can see what response the support representative has given to your question.
You can respond to this email as well. This means you don't have to log in to the knowledge base.


Knowledge base