HR Workflow - Digital signing of documents

With the arrival of the HR Workflow, it is possible to have documents digitally signed by users. In this article we cover the following topics

- Steps to sign documents via the HR workflow
- Explanation to sign documents as a stand alone task 

Steps to sign documents via HR workflow

How to activate the user rights?

Start by checking the rights in user templates. All users who play a role in the HR workflow will have to have the correct rights.

Users who are going to sign documents must have 'Sign Document' active. This applies to all logins. For logins other than 'Employee logins', the rights for 'Cases' must also be written


Users who are going to set up and assign HR Workflows to employees or applicants must have the option 'HR Workflow settings' written on debtor level.


How do I setup digital signing via the HR Workflow?

HR Workflows can be set up at debtor level. In these workflows, you can set the 'Sign documents' functionality. In these settings you can specify after how many days a task should appear to a user and by which user type it should be performed. The icon mceclip12.pngshows that it is a 'Sign Document' task. You can link this workflow later to (for example) an applicant.


I setup a HR Workflow. What's next?

To assign the HR workflow (with the option to sign a document) to the user, this user must first be created. In this example we use an applicant.

1. Create a new applicant via the 'Employees' tab.
2. Open the applicant's settings by clicking on the name.


3. Create a login for the applicant.


4. Add the newly created workflow to the applicant under the 'HR' tab in the 'Case' dashlet. Important! The applicant must first have activated his account before the case is linked. Otherwise it will not be possible to select the applicant for his signature. This will be improved soon.



5. After linking the workflow to the applicant, a task is ready for the relevant user. Of course, these tasks depend on how the workflow is set up. When a number of days have been entered at the first step, the task will not immediately appear.


6. When all previous tasks have been completed, the task to sign the document will appear.


7. When sending the document, drawing fields for the signatories can be created in the document. It is possible to specify multiple drawing fields (when the document has for example multiple pages) per signer. When all fields are indicated, the document can be sent.


The document is sent for signing. How is the applicant seeing this?

The applicant has received an email in which he is notified about the open task. When he or she logs in, a task under 'actions' will be open in the menu on the right.


As soon as the applicant opens the job, he can place his signature in the field provided for him. After signing, the document is moved to the 'signed documents' tab in the 'Sign documents' dashlet.


What happens with the document after the applicant signed it?

Once the applicant has signed the document, a signing task will be ready for the next user in the workflow. This task will also appear under actions in the menu on the right.



Where can I find the signed document?

After the users singed, the document is stored in the 'Sign documents' dashlet at employee level. The signed document can be downloaded from here.


Sign documents as a stand alone task.

How can I sign a document without setting up the HR workflow?

It is possible to have individual documents signed by applicants or employees, without using the HR workflow. The document can be uploaded in the 'Sign document' dashlet. After uploading the document, it's possible to provide the field where the applicant or employee can place his signature.

Important: If a document is manually prepared for a signature, the applicant or employee will not receive a signal about this at the moment. It is also not visible in the menu on the right side that a document has been offered for a signature. This will be improved in the near future.




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