Set up integration with Visma eAccounting

In Nmbrs, a direct link with Visma eAccounting can be made. This integration is also known as e-ekonomi. After setting up the integration, the journal entries can be automatically or manually read into Visma's accounting program. This article covers the following topics:

  1. Visma eAccounting authorization
  2. Sending journals to Visma eAccounting
  3. Errors eAccounting

Visma eAccounting authorization

The integration can be set up on master level. Head to the Visma eAccounting option within the integration settings as shown below.


A new account should be created to eventually connect with Visma. What the username of the new account will be is entirely up to you.


The new account will be added in the overview after saving. The Visma logo will be visible in grey, which means the authorization is not yet complete. When the authorization is completed, the Visma logo will turn red. 

Clicking the grey logo will redirect you directly to Visma eAccounting. The requested email address is the email address of the Visma account that you want to use for this integration. The requested password is the password of the used visma account. 


After correctly entering both the email address as well as the password, the actual authorization needs to be given. To allow Nmbrs to exchange data with Visma, click 'Allow'. After clicking allow, a message that the authorization has succeeded will be shown.

Refresh the Nmbrs page

After the authorization, you will be redirected back to the Nmbrs application. The Visma logo will turn red (= authorized) after refreshing the page (F5).

Mapping of companies

Within the tab 'Administrations', the mapping of companies can be made. This means selecting both the company name in Nmbrs and Visma to connect them to each other.


It's only possible to map one comapny at a time in the Visma eAccounting integration. To map multiple companies with the same Visma account, the account should be authorizard multiple times in the 'Accounts' tab.

Sending journals to Visma eAccounting

After a run is processed, the journal entries can be created and submitted to Visma eAccounting in the Journal Entries Export dashlet. This dashlet is found on company level in the tab Payroll Processing (or searched in the right side menu).

A grey Visma logo means that the journal entries are not yet sent to Visma eAccounting.
A red Visma logo means that the journals are already sent to Visma eAccounting.

Errors eAccounting

See the following table for possible errors with the corresponding causes and errors:

Message Visma Integration Error Message: One or more errors occurred. Resource not found: fiscalYearId

The fiscal year has not ben created yet in the portal of Visma.


Log in to the Visma portal and create the fiscal year for which you want to export the journal entries.

Message De API module is nog niet geactiveerd. U kunt inloggen bij Visma eAccounting en kiezen voor 'Extra diensten' om de API module te activeren
Cause A possible cause is the selection of a default company in eAccounting. This setting is not allowed within the integration.
Solution Deselect the setting 'default company'.
Message {"message":"VismaId: [code]. Error creating journal transaction. Error: Inserting 'General ledger batch' record raised at least one error. Please review the errors.\r\nError: 'Ledger' cannot be empty.\r\n"}

Within Visma, one ore more fields General Ledger for Organisation are not added.

Solution Complete the fields with the correct information.



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