Visma Nmbrs usual loading times

If you meet the System Requirements and experience a slow loading time it may be useful to check whether this loading time is indeed slower than the Nmbrs average. This article shows the average loading time for certain actions to verify this.

Action Average Loading Time
Payslip calculation

As a rule, the calculation lasts approximately 1 second.
For complicated calculations such as sector arrangements with specific settings, 30% rulings and net/gross calculations, this could increase to one minute per payslip.

Payroll run  The way to calculate the average loading time of the run is to take the [average payslip calculation time] x [number of payslips]. On average, this takes a few minutes but when complicated payslip calculations or large amounts of payslips are involved, this can take from minutes to several hours.
Dashlets  as a rule, loading of a dashlet takes approximately 1 second. In the case of an extensive dashlet such as open change requests, this can take several seconds.
Reports  For standard reports about employee name and address particulars, payroll input, hour data for companies with up to 50 employees, this may take a few seconds. Usually 20 rows per second. This may differ for a self-compiled report with several columns.
Pages For dashboard pages, it usually takes approximately 2 seconds. This may vary in the case of detailed pages such as report pages or employee login pages. This depends on the amount of data.


During the busiest periods of payroll payments these times may increase. We are making constant efforts to introduce technical enhancements to improve this.


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