Run Control Dashlet

This article contains information about the Run Control Dashlet. It also contains an overview of all the checks involved; warnings, error messages and changes, as well as their causes and solutions.


Run Control Dashlet


You will find the Run Control dashlet at company level under the 'Start' tab. If you can't see it you might have to make it visible by "Edit" in the top right corner and make the module visible.

Here, all the run check reports and the changes which have been entered can be viewed.



Filters can be added to view certain types of reports, periods or codes. You can also opt to filter solely on reports which have not undergone a run control. Select these and click on 'Filter'. A list with reports appears.

The Minimum pay run check report will be carried out both before and after the run. Before the payroll run, the control will be carried out on the Gross full-time salary. After the payroll run, which is visible in the Run Control dashlet, the check will be carried out on the net salary and the hourly wages.


Solving errors

The run control reports will be saved after the run has been carried out. In order to solve warnings and error messages and remove them from the run control list, you will need to process the run again after solving the errors.
If you process a retroactive correction to solve the possible error, the reports will remain in the earlier 'faulty' run.

In many cases, it will be indicated which employee, company and/or specific run the report refers to.


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