SOAP API Update Notes 2021

Welcome to the Nmbrs SOAP API Notes! Here you can find the changes that happened and what's coming next. Don't forget to register to receive updates when there are news. 

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[NEW] Set variable +/- days for wage components per day via the API

As requested on the Visma Nmbrs Community, now it's possible to edit the field variable +/- days for wage components per day via the API. 


You can use the calls: 



[NEW] Contract_Update

In the Nmbrs webapp, it is already possible to edit contracts. Now that functionality is also available via the API. Instead of deleting and creating new contracts, it's possible to update a specific contract.


[BUG] List_GetAll (Debtor Service)

For the company login users, the call was not returning the debtor the user belongs to. Now the call List_GetAll on debtor level is returning the debtor associated with the company login users again, as it used to before.



[BUG] Absence_Insert and Absence_Insert2

To add different absence types, it was needed to add the complete string to the field <Dossier>, which is error prone and confusing for the consumers. Now, it's possible to choose the absence type by adding an integer to the <Dossier>.

You can find the enumeration here: API Enumerations - Absence


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