Time registration codes ("magic codes")

Time registration codes 

The codes you use when registering hours generates output when performing a run.

What is an hourcode?

  • Codes where the amount of hours (or equivalent) can be filled in
  • Due to the hourly wage, the actual salary is calculated on the payslip

What is a wagecode?

  • You specify which wagecodes to use in the wage model
  • You can manually add wage codes in the wage code dashboard
  • Calculates the values, for example bonus € 100,-

Below you can see what the different time registration codes give the output to.

Time registration codes     Description    Type of input
1000 Worked hours Hours
1004 Sick Days
1008 Leave Hours
1009 Leave Days
1010 Parental leave Hours
1011 Parental leave Days
1012 Care of children Hours
1015 Holiday Days




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