How to insert salary table via the API

If as a integration partner there is the need to insert a salary table via the API, you can use this article as guidance.


A salary table constitutes of the three parts:

  • salary table
  • salary table scale
  • salary table step

To insert one, you can use the call SalaryTable_Insert. Here is a step by step on how to use it: 

1. Get the GuidSalaryTable

First, get the guid of the salary table linked to a specific company using SalaryTable2_Get.

The call will return only the salary table that is set up on Company -> Salary Settings (NL). 


2. Get the GuidSalaryTableScale

Use the call SalaryTable2_GetScales to get a list of scales of the company salary table.


3. Get the GuidSalaryTableStep

Use the call SalaryTable2_GetSteps to get a list of steps from a specific scale. 


Get steps from "5 | Schaal 5"

<SalaryTable2_GetSteps xmlns="">

1. Insert salary table

Use call SalaryTable_Insert to insert a new salary table

<SalaryTable_Insert xmlns="">


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