How to get an API token

When you want to set up an integration for several debtors from an accountant product we advise to create master accountant login.

This article will explain first how to create a login and then how the user can get an API-token. The API token should be added in the Live environment. If you wish to use the API on Sandbox, you still need to add the token in the Live environment and the token will be valid in Sandbox the next day. 

How to create a login for Accountant product?

1. Go to Master settings and click on Logins under Users. 


2. Create a new account with a template from Master Accountant. 


Note: the dashlet rights of an user has no influence on the API rights. This user can still have acces to all API methods on Employee, Company, Debtor and Single Sign On Service. 

3. Send the activation e-mail. The user will receive an activation e-mail where he can set up a password for his login.


4. Depending on the filter settings the user will have API acces to selected debtors. For more information about filter settings see Creating debtor tags.



To set up the integration the user has to login to his account and get an API token.

How to get an API token?

Only users of Master Accountant template from Accountant product or Master Bedrijfslogin/Client from Business product have the option to do this action. 

Go to the Profil in upper right corner and choose "User profile" and click on "API Token".



Click to activate the API account.


Save or copy the username (Email) and token. You are ready to start building the integration.Please go to to see which operations are supported by our API.

How to add an API token to a user account?

It is possible to add an API token to an existing user account on debtor level. 
See: How to get an API token for your client?


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