Cancelling the Visma Nmbrs subscription

Visma Nmbrs observes a notice period of one month. If you want to terminate your subscription, the account owner can do so via My Account > Invoicing > My subscription. We will contact you to finalize the cancellation and you will receive a message after the invoicing is completed.


Following the termination of the subscription only the account owner still has access to the environment. The account owner is still able to view all data, but is no longer permitted to make entries (corrections) and exports, he has viewing rights only. All other users (client logins, employee logins) no longer have access to the environment.

The data will be retained for a period of seven years after termination of the subscription. During this period, the accountant retains the option to download the payroll documents.

If you want to have (full) access to the entire environment again, a 'new' contract will have to be entered into, this can be done on a monthly basis. Should you want to do this, you can contact our sales department.

Please note: We recommend to do a global export before you terminate the subscription. Please refer to the following article: Global Export. Global Export





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