Which user should I create for an integration

Integration for several debtors (accountant product only)

When you want to set up an integration for several debtors we advise to create an Accountant login. For this user you can set up a filter (called debtor tag) to have access to certain debtors. The user then has to login to get an api token. 

Integration for one debtor

When you want to set up an integration for one debtor, multiple options are possible. You can either create an accountant login with a debtor tag attached for this specific integration or a Client login specific for this the debtor.

The following table can help decide which type of user to create


Type of environment Type of integration Advised user account Generate API token in
Accountant Several debtors Master Accountant with debtor tag User profile
Accountant One debtor

Master accountant with debtor tag

Master Client login

Logins dashlet
Business One debtor Master Client login User profile
Business One company Master Client login with filter Logins dashlet


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