Adding a salary table and applying an automatic step increase to an employee

A salary table can be added at the employee level. The employee is then linked to a particular grade and step in the salary table. If values are adjusted in the salary table, the employee's salary changes automatically.

Many salary tables work with working years or a step that is related to age. If this is applicable in the salary table and for the employee, you can apply an automatic step increase, for example. You do this by specifying the period in which the step must be raised. From this period onwards, the salary of the employee will automatically increase one step.

Adding salary table

You can add a salary table in the Salary dashboard for the employee. To get to this dashboard, click on 'more ...' under the Salary dashboard in the start screen of the employee in question.


Once you are in the dashlet, click 'Edit' and the following screen will open:

  1. Tick that a salary table is supposed to be used.
  2. Select the right salary table, scale and step for the employee.
  3. If an automatic step increase is desired, then specify the period in which the step should be raised. This field can remain empty if it does not apply to this employee.
  4. The employee's salary is then shown according to the salary table.