Global Update Notes 12-03-2020

We just finished the update of 12-03-2020. 


Login password reset

The new Nmbrs® password policy was implemented three months ago, and now it's time to make sure all users have their password secure. We would like to inform you that from this update it will be mandatory to reset the password, which was not reset in the last three months. In connection with this password reset the mobile app will also sent an automated e-mail to reset the password, when you try to login with a password that was not reset in the last three months.


[Nmbrs App] Password policy

An error message was added for the logins with passwords that don't follow the password policy informing that they received an e-mail to reset the password.

Bug fixes

When creating an employee login special name characters were not allowed

A validation was added in the past to allow only letters, numbers, underscores or blank spaces on login names. Now we added the apostrophe and hyphen as characters to use in login name. 

[SE] Top Level overviews: Name and Address & Contracts are empty

These two reports were not properly working for our Swedish customers. From now on these two reports will retrieve the data properly again.

[SE] Net salary with setting 0 broke the payslip

Salary type net including wage codes with value zero broke the payslip. After the update this problem is fixed.

[SE] Not getting paid for hours that you work during lunch

If an employee worked during the full lunchbreak, by inserting a time registration entry that starts before lunch and ends after lunch, then he would not get paid for the duration of the lunch break. After the update this employee will be paid out like normal.

[SE] Interactive payslip footer misses values for social security taxes of current period

The interactive payslip did not include the current period value of the social security taxes in the footer of the payslip. After the update this is included.


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