Step 5 - Go-Live

Nmbrs® is fully set up and all customers will use the system live, so you can process all your payments using Nmbrs®.

Final verification and Go-Live Nmbrs®

Check that all the settings are correct. When the changes have been entered, execute the payroll run. Verify that all documents are correct and then make them visible to the customer and employees. Check the journal entry and send it to the bookkeeping application.

Communication with customers

Communication is important, of course. Notify your customers about the new system via a demo, by phone call or by e-mail.

We have standard e-mail templates ready for customers and employees who are logging in to Nmbrs® for the first time. The text of these notifications (in HTML) can be downloaded from the following files:

You can use these texts to personalise your notifications in any way you like:

Video material is also available for certain users. These short animations allow you to see the options in their environment:

Giving customers access to the system

When the clients are up to date with the new system, you can grant them access. Nmbrs® provides three different scenarios that you as the accountant can offer clients. The scenario determines which activities are carried out either by you or the customer. Selecting a scenario is not binding and can be altered. The basic scenarios, at customer level, can also be adapted for the particular situation.



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