Payroll settings

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This category includes the mandatory settings that enable a salary run to be executed and a payslip generated. The following settings must be entered for this.


There are different types of salary that you can choose when you enter an employee's salary. In addition to gross and net salary and gross hourly wage, it's possible to enter a salary based on employer expenses.

You can calculate other hourly wages as well as the regular hourly wage. Different hourly wages can also be applied to an employee.

A salary table can be added to an employee at the employee level. The employee is then linked to a particular grade and step in the salary table. When the values ​​in the salary table are adjusted, the salary of the employee will also be adjusted.

Wage model

The wage model is a list of wage codes that you can use to enter values ​​for employees, such as deductions or bonuses.
Every wage code has a set function and belongs to a set category. You can always enter a different description or add a category in the wage model.

Hours model

You use the hour model to insert the different types of hours worked. Hours such as sick leave, bonus or overtime can also be entered using hour codes. Hour codes don't appear on the payslip. Use Fast Input if desired.

Labour agreement model

With the labour agreement model you can link multiple settings to a company in one go. This means that creating new companies and maintaining existing ones is faster and less error-prone.


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